How To Clean Your Swimming Pool Heater

There is nothing worse than wanting to swim only to find that your pool is not very clean. If you do not want to hire a pool cleaning service, it is possible to take care of your swimming pool heater yourself. You will need to know some steps to cleaning that ensures clear water when you want it.

Brush The Walls

The first step in cleaning your pool heater will be to brush the walls of the pool. You will need to use the right brush for the materials of your pool. If you have unpainted concrete in your pool, you should use a brush that has stainless steel and nylon bristles.

If your pool heater has walls of painted concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl, you need to use a brush that only has nylon bristles. Stainless steel will damage these materials and need to be avoided. If your pool has gunite, you will need to use a brush that only has stainless steel bristles.

When brushing the pool, you need to pay particular attention to the areas that have poor circulation of water. These areas will suffer from algae growth more than others and need to be cleaned properly.

Skim The Water

After you have brushed the pool heater, you will need to skim the water. This will remove debris such as leaves and twigs from the water. Skimming nets will also help to remove insects from your swimming pool.

It is important that you have a telescopic pole that you use with the skimmer. This will help you reach the center of the pool where you need to remove debris. It is best to do this after brushing because the brush can bring some of the debris to the surface of the pool heater.

Vacuum The Pool

You will need to vacuum the pool after brushing and skimming. This will remove the debris from the pool that you were not able to remove with skimming. The pool vacuum that you use should vary depending on the materials used in the pool.

There are some people who feel that this step is not required if you run the water filter in your pool heater. However, this will improve the cleanliness of your pool.

Maintain The Filter

Cleaning your pool will not end when the water is visibly clean. You will need to maintain and clean your filter as well. Filters will collect all of the fine debris and microscopic particles that dirty the pool.

If you have cartridge filters, you will need to remove them and wash them with the garden hose. These filters should only be used for 1 to 2 pool seasons before being replaced. Sand filters will need to be backwashed to rid them of debris and dirt. Backwashing will place the dirt directly in the waste line.

Test The Water

You also need to test the water to ensure that the chemical levels are balanced. You can do this with a testing kit from your local pool store. You will need to follow the directions on the kit and adjust the chemical levels accordingly. For more information visit us at

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